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    Present pets rich and balanced gourmet experiences. No malnutrition or over-nutrition.
    Natural nutrients activate your pet's body functions.
    Original fresh fragrances of natural ingredients and scientific collocations stimulate pet's natural cravings for ingestion.

    • Feeding Experience


      • 猫咪饮食需注意的事项

        Notices For Cat Diet

        Have you ever observed the status of your cat's diet?A place-fixed, time-limited and amount-cetained diet habit is a good habits hat can be developed from an early age. Then the owner will save a lot of troubles in the process of raising the cat in the future.

        What should you pay attention to in cat’s diet?

        The cat's food tray should be fixed and cannot be replaced casually. Cats are very sensitive to the change of food tray, and sometimes refuse to eat because of the changing. Keep the food tray clean. Newspapers or plastic paper can be placed under the tray to prevent the sound of tray sliding, and it is also easy to clean. Every time the leftover food should be discarded or put away to mix with fresh food in the next meal.

        Feed regularly at the fixed time. Once the cat's “ food biological clock” is formed, it is relatively fixed and should not be changed at will. The place for cat food should be fixed. Cats do not like to eat in the noisy and strong-light place. If a visitor comes, don’t let the guest look at your cat while it is eating as the appearance of strangers will greatly reduce the cat’s appetite.

        3、猫咪有用爪钩取食物或把食物叼到食盘外边吃的不良习惯。 一旦发现这种现象,要立即训练,使其改正。
        Cats have a bad habit of picking food with claws or grabbing food out of the food tray. Once discovered, it is necessary to train and correct your cat immediately.

        Cats like warm food. Cold food not only affect the cat's appetite, but also easily cause digestive disorders. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the food is preferably 30 to 40 degrees. Food taken out of the refrigerator should be heated before feeding.

        Though cats don't drink water too much, you still should provide enough clean drinking water. Cat drinking water must be clean and changed every day. The water basin can be placed on the side of the food tray so that cats can drink freely when they are thirsty.

        Observe the cat's appetites at any time. There are many reasons that affect cats' appetites, mainly including feedstuff, environment and diseases. If the cat's food is single and not fresh, or if the food's smell, concentration and taste are not right, the cat will refuse to eat. If the cat food is prepared with more ingredients and better palatability, the cat can always maintain a high appetite. In addition, the food should not be too light or too salty as cats like sweet or fishy foods. Strong light, noise, presence of strangers or interference from other animals can affect the cat's appetite. If both of these factors have been eliminated and the cat’s appetite is still not enhancing, ask the veterinarian for a diagnosis as you cat may get sick.

      • 迷你雪纳瑞饮食需要注意哪些方面?

        Feeding Tips for Mini Schnauzer

        What kind of fruits Mini Schnauzer can't eat?

        Scientific researches have found that the main fruits that are not suitable for Schnauzer include mango, pineapple, longan, lychee, waxberry, etc., which may cause Schnauzer allergic; Too much watermelon is likely to cause diarrhea and grapes contain a lot of sugars and may bring food poisoning, which is bad for Schnauzer's health.

        For different fruits, Schnauzer should eat in different situations. For example, banana contains sucrose to promote the increase of bifidobacterium in the intestinal tract and enhance intestinal peristalsis, suitable for Schnauzer with constipation; apples are rich in dietary fibers and pectin effective in eliminating toxins in the body, which Schnauzer can also eat a little bit. In addition, sugar cane has a high sugar content which is not suitable for Schnauzer; guava are more likely to cause Schnauzer constipation.

        From a scientific point of view, fruits are rich in vitamins and vitamin C. If eaten in large quantities for a long period of time, it will easily lead to acidification of animal urine, which may cause the urinary tract stones of Schnauzer.

        Schnauzer, same as humans, must intake three major nutrients, protein, fat, and carbohydrate, in order to develop and maintain health. For small breeds, the necessary amount per kilogram of body weight is 90 kilocalories; for large dogs of 50 kilograms, it requires 49 kilocalories per kilogram. The heavier the weight, the necessary amount per 1 kilogram gradually decreases and puppies need 2 times heat than the adult dogs to meet the growth demands in a short period.

        In addition, the mini-Schnauzer is prone to be obese. The proteins are decomposed into amino acids in the dog's body which are beneficial for differernt organs, muscle, blood, bone, hair, skin and claws. Once the fats enter the body, it will stop in the digestive organs for a long time and give a sense of fullness. When too much fats are given and the amount of exercises is insufficient, the accumulated fats will become the cause of obesity.

        Except protein, fat and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are indispensable to the dog's body. The insufficient minerals and vitamins will affect the development of dog bones and their resistance to disease. If Schnauzer feed on formulated dog foods, malnutrition rarely occurs. If you often make dog food by yourself, you should pay attention to the nutritional mix. For example, there must be ingredients such as meats, cereals and roughage to meet the requirements of proteins and carbohydrates.

      • 狗狗过于肥胖怎么办?

        What To Do If My Dog Is Obese?

        Firstly, understand why your dog become obese:

        For certain breeds such as chihuahuas, short-haired dachshunds, and bullfights among small dogs tend to gain weight;

        Overfeeding and imbalanced nutrition can easily cause obesity. Some pet foods currently contain high levels of salts and fats, which induce dogs to eat excessively and become obese;

        Lack of exercise. Due to limited conditions, many dogs are currently kept in apartments with very little exercises. Especially elder dogs often become obese due to insufficient exercise;

        Caused by diseases. Some diseases such as endocrinological diseases, metabolic disorder, abnormal thyroid and adrenal function, etc. can cause obesity. The most common situation is to feed leftover meals and biscuit snacks to the dogs, which is also an important cause of obesity.

        So, how could I inspect whether my dog is already fat?

        The so-called obesity refers to that the dog's weight has exceeded the normal rang. You can detect whether the dog is overweight by these tips. One is daily observation. You feel the dog is significantly more obese than in the past; Second is to check the relevant weight data of various breeds of dogs; Third is that you can touch the sides of the dog's chest. If you can easily feel that the ribs under the cortex, that’s normal. If you feel that there is a thick layer of fats that requires force to touch the ribs, your dog is obese and overweight. In addition, you can go to the pet hospital for veterinary identification.

        Dog obesity is the same as human obesity, which can cause many disease problems. Overweight can shorten the lifespan of dogs and cause heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, skeletal problems, arthritis, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver , skin diseases, etc. The higher the proportion of weight over normal state, the higher the probability of the above-mentioned diseases. Therefore, pet owners must pay careful attention on dog’s weight in daily life.

        The key to treat dog’s obesity is to reduce the dog's intakes of calories in diets, and at the same time increase the amount of exercises to consume the body energy. Therefore, it is best to feed dogs with high-fiber, low-fat, low-calorie foods at a limited-time and a certain amount. No training, no snacks. Formulate and execute effective and regular exercise plans. Walk your dog and check the dog’s health regularly and follow the advices of the veterinarian.

      • 宠物初养喂食指南

        Pets Feeding Guides For Beginner

        Once you’ve found the best pet food for your pet, you’re on the right track to providing the healthiest life possible.

        It’s important to feed your pet the right amount of food at proper intervals, but that can be tricky, as feeding requirements vary greatly from one pet to another. Feeding guides on the food can or bag are just a starting point. It’s critical to your pet’s health that his physical condition be monitored regularly and the feeding amount be adjusted as needed.

        Ask your veterinarian which of these three feeding methods is best for your pet:

        Free Choice: Food is available to your pet at all times.

        Time-Limited Feeding: Food is available to your pet for a limited time.

        Meal Feeding: A measured amount of food is available to your pet at specific meal times each day.

        If you have a young pet, you want it to grow up healthy, we recommend following the simple steps in this cycle:

        Weigh your young pet.

        Feed him based on feeding guide and veterinary recommendations.

        If you have a young pet, evaluate its physical condition every two to three weeks for the first six months.

        Adjust the amount you feed accordingly.

        For young pets, after the first six months, we suggest that you or your veterinarian evaluate your young pet's physical condition every few months. For some young pets, your veterinarian may suggest more frequent evaluations.

    • Ingredients and Nutrition


      • 佩特宝臻选食材

        Selected Premium Ingredients

        鸡肉 Chicken

        佩特宝选用散养鸡鸡肉,鸡肉属于高蛋白低脂肪的食材,消化吸收率高。鸡肉中含有的丰富胶质蛋白能够被机体迅速吸收和利用,并对皮肤有较好的保护作用。 同时,鸡肉也是磷、铁、铜、锌等营养素的良好来源,并且富含维生素B12、维生素B6、维生素A、维生素D、维生素K等,给机体提供均衡营养。
        As a high-protein and low-fat ingredient, chicken is highly quick to be absorbed. With rich glial proteins which can be absorbed and utilized rapidly to protect pet skin, chicken is also a good resource for phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K that provide the balanced nutrition for your pet.

        鸭肉 Duck

        Duck, lives on aquatic organisms so that its meat is cold in property and sweet in flavor. Duck can relieve overmuch eye gums or constipation caused by dryness-heat. Meantime duck is good for invigorating stomach and producing salivas to alleviate inappetence and anorexia of dogs in summer. High content of proteins and moderate content of fats, especially the unsaturated fatty acids of duck, are beneficial to dog health.

        黑毛猪 Ibericos

        Ibericos, black hair pigs, are raised in forest districts and freely fed with spring grasses, corns or rice straws. With a large range to live and exercise, they eat a variety of natural foods so that compared with white pigs, ibericos contain more muscles but low fats, more muscle fibers and taste more delicate. Moreover, iberico, rich in iron, proteins, vitamins and linolenic acids, is beneficial to maintain visual function, skin health and strong body.

        牛肉 Beef

        Beef with rich proteins, amino acids and vitamin B6 can improve the body's disease resistance, enhance immunity, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, especially suitable for growth and development. Beef in cold winter is a good supplement with the effect of warming the stomach.

        羊肉 Lamb

        Lamb is also red meat, of which the amino acid types are closer to the amino acid needs of the biological body than other meats. It is a relatively easy-to-absorb protein source. As a source of high-quality meat for cold protection, lamb is hot, sweet, and delicate in flesh, which can enhance blood circulations, protect the stomach walls, increase the digestive enzyme secretions to digest food .

        三文鱼 Salmon

        Salmon with rich unsaturated fatty acids contain sugars and various vitamins including the phosphates, calcium and vitamins A and D, which are beneficial to the growth and development of the body. The astaxanthin contained is a very powerful antioxidant that keeps the skin elastic and smooth. The rich protein content of high nutritional values can improve immunity. Above all, salmon is prized as the "Treasure In Water".

        吞拿鱼 Tuna

        Tuna, also called Maguro contain high protein content around 20%, but the low fat content. Most of the fatty acids in tuna are unsaturated fatty acids, which contain a full range of amino acids, and also various minerals and trace elements such as micro-biotin, rich iron, potassium, calcium, iodine and so on. DHA in tuna is called “Brain Gold”, which is an essential nutrient for the development of the brain and central nervous system. EPA, also known as OMEGA3, is a unique nutrient of tuna, which can soften the skin and brighten the hair color.

        沙丁鱼 Sardine

        Sardines with amazing nutritional values, are rich in phospholipids, namely OMEGA-3 fatty acids, proteins and calcium. Phospholipids in sardine have a beneficial effect on brain development. Meanwhile, the bones of sardines contain a lot of calcium, and the fleshes contain rich minerals that are helpful for pets’ growth.

        蓝莓 Blueberry

        Blueberry is rich in nutrients which can prevent brain nerve aging, protect eyesight and enhance body immunity, etc. As for the high nutrients, blueberry is rich in anthocyanins, which have the effect of activating the retina and strengthening eyesight. It is prized as one of the five healthy fruits recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

        苹果 Apple

        Apple is a kind of common and nutrient fruit. In addition to vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, an apple contains rich fruit acids, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, eliminate toxins from the body in time, optimize the environment of intestinal tract, maintain the normal function of intestines and stomach to digest. Apple is rich in mineral zinc, which participates in enzyme synthesis. Enzyme is essential in digestion and metabolism to maintain a healthy body.

        雪梨 Pear

        With sweet taste and cool nature, a pear contains malic acids, citric acids, Vitamins B1, Vitamins B2, Vitamin C, carotene and other nutrients. It is also rich in potassium, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, cellulose, sodium, vitamins, proteins, iron and zinc and other substances which can supplement the trace elements for pet and also moisten the lungs, clear the heat and reduce phlegm, especially in summer and autumn.

        羊奶 Goat Milk

        Goat milk features in lower casein which can form large coagulum under the action of gastric acids to reduce the diarrhea caused by dyspepsia, and higher whey protein which can activate and strengthen the organism immunity as a complete protein containing all proteins needed by organism metabolism when compared to common milk. Besides, small fat granules of goat milk, mostly as short-chain unsaturated fatty acids present good emulsion state and are easy to be absorbed.

        乳酪 Cheese

        Cheese are the best choice for calcium supplementation as they are richest in calcium. These calcium are easily absorbed to improve the body's ability to resist diseases, promote metabolism, enhance vitality, protect eye health and maintain skin shine. Lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites are conducive to maintain the stability and balance of the normal floras in the intestine.

      • 幼猫的营养特殊需求

        Special Nutritional Requirements of Kittens

        The kittens go through two periods during their growth. The first is the fast growing period, and then the period of sexual maturity. In both periods, proper nutrition is required to enable kittens to grow into healthy and strong adult cats.

        Fast growing period: First 2 months to 6 months

        After weaning, a kitten enters a rapid growth period, which continues until the kitten reaches 6 months of age. During this period, kittens need premium food with balanced nutrition and high proteins and calories, supplying various nutrients and energy needed for rapid growth. Judging from the energy required per unit weight, the energy required for a kitten during rapid growth is twice that of an adult cat. Due to its small mouth, small teeth and small stomach, kitten cannot eat and digest enough food in one meal. Therefore, feed them at least three meals a day from the weaning to 6 months old. As kittens need a lot of nutrients and energies, they must eat specially formulated food such as PetaBol Poultry & Colostrum kitten recipe which is characterized by meat as the main ingredients and good digestion rate, containing a lot of nutrients to meet the special nutritional needs of kittens.

        Rapid maturity: 6 months to 12 months

        After a rapid growth, kittens look like an adult cat and have different nutritional requirements. After six months age , the growth rate of cats will start to slow down, and the amount of activities will also be slightly reduced. At this time, as food intakes for each meal is larger, it’s necessary to reduce the number of meals per day. Although the kitten's body shape is very similar to that of an adult cat, it will still grow up somewhat. Many cat owners give cats different foods when they reach sexual maturity. In fact, cats like to eat premium dry food. Certainly some nutritious canned food can be added to meet their different nutritional requirements due to the slower growth rate.

        Change from kitten food to adult food

        When a cat is one-year-old, please change to specially formulated adult food as for now cats no longer need the large amount of energies and nutrients provided by kitten food. Remember to follow the same rules when changing food: gradually mix in 5-7 days. During the period of changing food, special attention should be paid to monitor the cat’s weight and adjust the feeding amount accordingly at any time. As most cats will eat a certain amount of food according to the heat energies they need, it’s cool to let them intake freely. However, if the cat only moves indoors, because of the low amount of activities, the freely-intake method may cause overweight problems. Therefore, the quantitative feeding method of twice a day can be used to avoid cats being obese.

        Avoid feeding human foods

        Feeding human foods for kittens can cause unnecessary distressing behaviors, such as begging for food or stealing food. Home-cooked foods, adult cat food (especially weight-loss cat food), or adding nutritional supplements for a fully balanced cat food all can cause malnutrition.

        Nutrition For Kittens

        As an absolute carnivore, cats must obtain the nutrients of meat. For example, insufficient taurine (an essential amino acid for cats, only contained in animal meat) of cat food can cause problems such as growth retardation, blindness, heart disease, and reproduction disorders. Kittens and adult cats must have plenty of fresh and clean drinking water at any time. Take them to the veterinary hospital for regular inspections to maintain physical and mental health.

      • 狗狗成长所需营养

        Nutrients for Dog’s Growth

        蛋白质 Protein

        Protein is good for the growth and development of muscles and bones, repairing other tissues of the body, and is also used to produce antibodies, enzymes and hormones.

        碳水化合物 Carbohydrate

        As a metabolite of glucose, carbohydrate is the main source of energy required by body tissues. Fat can absorb, store and transport vitamins, maintain the moisture of skin and hair, increase food palatability and provide energy when glucose is not available.

        维生素和矿物质 Vitamins and Minerals

        Mainly involving in muscle growth, vitamins and minerals can heal the wound and promote bone growth, maintaining nervous system function, metabolic balance and body liquid balance.

        Nutritional difference between puppy and adult dog:

        Puppies grow very fast so that they have need different nutritional requirements from adult dogs. Protein is an indispensable important component for muscle and bone growth. The protein content of puppies' food is usually much higher than that of adult dogs, and it also contains the proper amount of calcium, phosphorus and minerals needed for bone growth and development.

        Nutritional difference between elder dog and young dog:

        The metabolic rate of protein decreases with age. Compared with young dogs, the demand for protein of elderly dogs is greatly increasing. Insufficient protein intake will cause damages to muscle and the nervous system.

        The nutritional requirements of a dog are various at different life stages. However, demand for good nutrition never change. It is very important to choose a suitable dog food for them.

        The nutritional needs of elder dogs are age-related as the organ function and chronic health problems affect the physical condition. The best physical condition is neither fat nor thin. However, the weight of elderly dogs usually increases because of the low metabolic rate and the less activities. However, some dogs will lose weight with age, due to the decreased food intakes caused by chronic health problems (such as dental diseases, cancer, heart disease and many other diseases) or vision loss, baryodmia and amblygeustia. Some elder dogs with a good appetite still lose weight because they cannot effectively digest and absorb nutrients.

      • 深海鱼油

        Deep Sea Fish Oil

        Fish oil is the best source of Omega-3. Omega-3 can prevent the hair from drying out, promote the growth of new hair, and restore the natural hair color. Deep-sea fishes contain extremely high levels of EPA and DHA. Fish oil has obvious preventive and therapeutic effects on many diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and immune dysfunction of pet and also can lubricate and protect pets’ joints.

        DHA of deep-sea fish oil is a special unsaturated fatty acid, which is the indispensable material basis for the formation, development and operation of brain cells. The "neuronal protrusion cells" in the brain contain a large amount of DHA components, so that the neurotransmitters can easily convey the correct message. Therefore, the role of DHA is to promote and coordinate the conduction of neural circuits to maintain the normal operation of brain cells, thereby enhancing concentration, memory and attention.

        EPA of deep-sea fish oil is also another special unsaturated fatty acid, which is a protective factor beneficial to blood circulation. EPA can remove cholesterol and plaques attached to the walls of blood vessels, reduce cholesterol levels of the blood, keep blood flowing smoothly, and inhibit abnormal blood clotting.

        EPA and DHA also have anti-inflammatory effect. When intakes too much omega-6-fatty acids (which are usually contained in large amounts in vegetable oils) and insufficient omega-3-fatty acids, the body produces some chemicals that cause inflammatory reactions. EPA and DHA of deep-sea fish oil can balance too much omega-6-fatty acids to ease the various inflammations.

        There are four sources of deep-sea fish oil, which are wild salmon, artificial salmon, and trash fish, such as carp, sardines, trash fish plus soybean oil, among which, the oil quality of salmon is the best. PetaBol foods with salmon oil of the highest nutritional values are beneficial to the healthy growth of pets.

    • Daily Care


      • 狗狗流泪过多如何处理?

        How To Deal With Excessive Tears Of Dogs?

        You must feel distressed when your dog is weeping and looking at you with watery eyes. So what to do if the dog is crying? Let me introduce to you how to care for dog’s eyes.

        1、做好对眼睛的保养 Take care of dog’s eyes

        Check your dog's eyes daily and clean out mucus and foreign objects. There are often foreign objects in the corners of the dog's eyes and use a cotton ball soaked in warm water to gently remove them. Do not wipe directly with cotton because cotton fibers may damage the eyes. The best way to flush out foreign bodies or shed hairs is to use canine eye drops which can not only clean the eyes, but also treat mild inflammation or infectious diseases. Uplift the dog's head slightly, open the lower eyelid and drip the liquid medicine, and then use a dry cotton ball to suck up the excess medicine that flows to the corner of the eyes.

        For white and light-colored dogs, especially pet dogs, the hair around their eyes are often contaminated with mucus secreted by the tear glands and look unsightly red-brown and even in dark circles if too much. Excessive tears are caused by various factors such as genetic allergy, neglection of facial care, lacrimal gland diseases, unreasonable diet, conjunctivitis or toothache, etc. The veterinarian can diagnose the cause of excessive tears and control the situation.

        Daily cleaning of the eyes and hairs under the eyes is the most effective way to control contamination. First, you should cut off the contaminated hair and wash the area with water or medicine later every day to prevent further contamination. These potions can only be used on the contaminated hair area, not in the eyes.

        2、做好眼部的清理工作 Do a good eyes cleaning job

        Some dogs with large eyeballs and lacrimal glands, always secrete a large amount of tears, causing discoloration of the hairs under the corners of the eyes, such as Pekingese and Chihuahuas. Therefore, you should check the dog's eyes frequently. When a dog suffers from certain infectious diseases, especially eye diseases, it often causes the eyelids swelling, and a large amount of mucus or purulent secretions in the corners of the eyes. At this time, careful treatment and care of the eyes are necessary. The method is to use a 2% boric acid cotton ball to gently wipe from the inner corner of the eyes to the outside. No wiping back and forth on the eye. When one cotton ball is not enough, you should change another one until the eyes are cleaned. After scrubbing, drip eye drops or ointment to eliminate inflammation. Some dogs, such as Sharpei, with excessive wrinkled skins on their heads, can give rise to the inverted eyelashes that irritate the eyeballs to cause the blurred vision, inflammation of the conjunctiva and cloudy cornea so that you have to visit a veterinarian.

        狗狗流泪需要对症下药:Treat symptomatically for dog’s tear problems:

        Ear canal infection. Ask your veterinarian to diagnose the cause of the ear canal infection and then choose the correct treatment method. Do not buy medicine at random, which leads to resistance to the ear disease and makes it harder to treat. If the ear canal disease is treated, at this time, you should find that the tear stains disappear automatically as dog’s tears no longer secrete vigorously.

        Obstruction of nasolacrimal duct. In general, the veterinarian will recommend the use of antibiotics and plus minor surgery to unblock the nasolacrimal duct. This treatment method and frequency will vary according to the degree of symptoms. It may take several rounds to clear the nasolacrimal duct to solve the obstruction problem;

        Eyelid entropion. Operation is usually adopted to treat the eyelid entropion.

        Dacryadenitis. The common way is drug therapy. The treatment period depends on the severity, which may vary from five days to four weeks.

        If your dog only has slight tear stains, pay attention to the dog’s diet and daily care. PetaBol Duck & Pear recipe is recommended for your dog which is effective for removing dog’s tear stains as duck and pear are cool ingredients.

      • 宠物的口腔健康

        Pet's Oral Health

        Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall health, and dental problems can cause, or be caused by, other health problems. Your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked at least once a year by your veterinarian to check for early signs of a problem and to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

        Have your pet’s teeth checked sooner if you observe any of the following problems:

        口臭 Bad breath

        牙齿断裂或松动 Broken or loose teeth

        多生牙齿或乳牙滞留 Extra teeth or retained baby teeth

        牙齿变色、形成牙垢 Teeth that are discolored or covered in tartar

        非正常咀嚼、流口水、漏食 Abnormal chewing, drooling, or dropping food from the mouth

        食欲下降、拒绝吃饭 Reduced appetite or refusal to eat

        嘴巴或嘴巴周围疼痛 Pain in or around the mouth

        嘴巴流血 Bleeding from the mouth

        嘴巴周围出现肿胀 Swelling in the areas surrounding the mouth

        Some pets become irritable when they have dental problems, and any changes in your pet’s behavior should prompt a visit to your veterinarian. Always be careful when evaluating your pet’s mouth, as a painful animal may bite.

        Periodontal disease is the most common dental condition in dogs and cats – by the time your pet is 3 years old, he or she will very likely have some early evidences of periodontal disease, which will worsen as your pet grows older if effective preventive measures aren’t taken. Early detection and treatment are critical, because advanced periodontal disease can cause severe problems and pain for your pet. Periodontal disease doesn’t just affect your pet’s mouth. Other health problems found in association with periodontal disease include kidney, liver, and heart muscle changes.

        It starts with plaque that hardens into tartar. Tartar above the gumline can often easily be seen and removed, but plaque and tartar below the gumline is damaging and sets the stage for infection and damage to the jawbone and the tissues that connect the tooth to the jaw bone. Periodontal disease is graded on a scale of 0 (normal) to 4 (severe).The treatment of periodontal disease involves a thorough dental cleaning. Your veterinarian will make recommendations based on your pet’s overall health and the health of your pet’s teeth, and provide you with options to consider.

        What can I do at home for my pet’s oral health?

        预防宠物中最常见的口腔疾病包括经常去除牙齿上的牙菌斑和牙垢。 定期给宠物刷牙是保持牙齿健康的最有效的方法,这也会降低兽医定期进行牙齿清洁的需要频率,甚至都不用再去。每日刷牙是最好的,但并不现实,每周刷牙几次也是有效,大多数狗接受刷牙,但是猫可能需要更多的耐心,训练是很重要的。
        Prevention of the most common oral diseases in pets consists of frequent removal of the dental plaque and tartar that forms on teeth that are not kept clean. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth is the single most effective thing you can do to keep their teeth healthy and may reduce the frequency or even eliminate the need for periodic dental cleaning by your veterinarian. Daily brushing is best, but it’s not always possible and brushing several times a week can be effective. Most dogs accept brushing, but cats can be a bit more resistant – patience and training are important.

      • 猫咪掉毛的处理方法

        Treatment Of Cat Hair Loss

        How to deal with cat’s hair loss? Cats are too easy to shed hair, which sometimes make owners very embarrassed. Here are some the treatments for cats and owners.

        Have a reasonable diet. For cats with weak gastrointestinal function, you should start with gastrointestinal regulation. Some medicines or nutrients can promote the absorption of nutrients and ensure the health of the cat ’s hair and body;

        Use hair-beauty products. For cats with very long hair, the nutrients normally absorbed are difficult to meet the needs of hair care. Be sure to use extra hair-beauty nutriments which contain the trace elements to safeguard the health of the cat ’s hair;

        Keep a diverse and balanced diet. For cats with malnutrition due to single food intakes, the owners should learn more about cat food. Taking cat food as the staple food does not mean that it’s enough to balance the nutrition of the cat;

        Intake salt at an appropriate amount. The owner should select the low-salt cat food as the staple for cats, not the foods of human. If there is no condition to feed formulated cat food, do not put salt and other condiments when cook meals to ensure the cat’s health;

        Treatments for cat ringworm. Cat ringworm is a very stubborn and highly infectious skin disease. Once found, you must isolate the cat and also the comb it used, to avoid the spreading of ringworm to other cats;

        Exclusive cat wash supplies. The improper shampoo to wash your cat will also cause hair loss, which is even worse than natural shedding. Therefore, you must choose an exclusive liquid soap to bathe your cat to avoid skin diseases that cause hair shedding;

        Comb cat frequently. Use a special brush for cats to comb the hairs for them every day to collect the naturally fallen hairs on the brush, and prevent the hairs from tangling and running around the house, such as in the gaps of furniture and in the air.

        Proper sun exposures and exercises. If the cat is healthy, the hair loss will be less. Therefore, keeping your cat healthy is also an important aspect of reducing hair loss. Proper sunbathes and exercises can not only make your cat healthier, but also have a sterilizing effect and effectively reduce hair loss.

      • 如何给小猫咪洗澡?

        How To Bathe A Kitten?

        Cats always shed hair everywhere. A regular bath will can keep them clean and also prevent hair loss. Then, how to bathe cats for pet owners?

        The water temperature should not be too low or too high. It is advisable not hot for your hands. Keep the room warm to prevent the cat from catching a cold;

        The detergent should not be too stimulating, so as not to irritate the skin. Drip cat's eyes with oily eye drops before bathing to prevent water from entering the eyes;

        For long-haired cats, the coat should be fully combed before bathing to remove the fallen hair, preventing tangles during washing. It takes more time to clean up;

        It is not advisable to take a bath when the cat is in poor health. Kittens within the first 6 months easy to get sick generally should not take a bath. Cats over the age of 6 months should not take too many baths. 1-2 times per month is good. As the oil of skin has a protective effect on the skin and the coat, too many bathes wash off the oil a lot, resulting in the rough and brittle coat and low-elasticity skin, affecting the appearance of the cat and causing skin inflammation;

        Don't bathe cats often. There are some precious protective oils on the cat's hair, as well as some trace elements. Cats can clean themselves by basking in the sun and licking their hair. In general, cats with bright coats and clean colors are healthier, otherwise they may be unhealthy;

        When taking a bath, be careful not to pour water into the cat's ears and use a cotton swab to absorb the water in the external ear canal of the cat later. Cats' tails are easily soiled, especially male cats, as they excrete secretions from the roots of the tails and stain the tails with dirt. This kind of dirt can't be washed away with water. You can use a soft toothbrush with the bath liquid to wash and then rinse with warm water.

    • Health Problems


      • 怎样护理和照顾生病的猫咪?

        How To Take Care Of Sick Cats?

        Cats generally have a strong ability to tolerate sickness. They often hide in quiet and dark places to rest after being sick. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to observe, and give careful care to cats in time if they are in sick. Sick cats are generally weak. Try to reduce the activities of them as much as possible. Place sick cats in a comfortable, warm (or cool), quiet place and let them rest fully to reduce their consumption and enhance their physical strength and the resistance to disease.

        When a cat becomes sick, the digestive function is affected mostly, often showing signs of loss of appetite, or even refusal to drink or eat, vomiting and diarrhea. If you don't give digestible, nutritious, delicious food in time, especially enough water, it can cause a series of dysfunction, acidosis, heart failure and other phenomena in cat body. Therefore, taking on the diet care of sick cats, we must first give adequate drinking water. Put a little salt in the drinking water (0.9 g of salt in 100 ml of water) to maintain the balance of water and salt metabolism in the cat. If the sick cat doesn't drink water, use small rubber balls, plastic bottles or syringes fill with water. Be careful not to rush too much to prevent choking water. If the cat is severely dehydrated, transfusion should be adopted to completely solve the problem. Cats with digestive system diseases should be given tasty and easily digestible liquid foods, such as egg soup, broth, milk, rice soup and sugar water. These foods are easy to digest and are more suitable for sick cats, but the content of minerals and vitamins is not high. Please supplement these substances when feed your cat.

        猫咪生病时应注意的问题 Problems You Should Notice When Cats Are Sick

        Sick cats and healthy cats should be fed in isolation to prevent disease transmission. Also disinfect all living supplies of sick cats and the homes;

        The sick cat is in a weak constitution. Try to reduce exercises as much as possible to maintain physical strength and enhance resistance to disease;

        When a cat is sick, it often shows loss of appetite or anorexia. You can provide some foods that cats usually like and induce them to eat less amount each several time a day;

        Fresh drinking water is of great help to the cat's recovery. If the cat does not want to drink water, the owner should feed them patiently with a spoon or a syringe. Don't be too anxious to avoid swallowing.

        Of course, a sick cat should be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Only based on active treatments, nutrition management and careful nursing can restore the cat’s health ASAP.

      • 耳螨的认识以及治疗

        Cognition And Treatment Of Ear Mites

        Ear mites are the tiny parasites parasitic on the skin surface and external auditory meatus. If the owner fails to detect or treat them in time, ear mites can cause cat’s ear inflammation. Ear mites are easy to infect so that if a cat in your house is infected, other animals may not be spared.

        Clinical symptoms of ear mite infection:

        Pets often scratch their ears and shake their heads;

        Ears collect wax-like substances (like ground coffee beans) secreted by the sebaceous glands of the external auditory meatus;

        The saliva of ear mites irritate and make the external auditory meatus swollen and inflamed;

        Frequent scratching and shaking head can cause ear hematoma and facial deformation.

        耳螨的治疗:Treatment Of Ear Mites:

        Thoroughly clean the ear canal with specified ear-washing water, then drip the ear drops and rub on the outside of the ear a few times to make the medicine evenly distributed in the ear. 2-3 times a day. Ear mites as a more stubborn disease requires continuous medication for more than 20 days until they are cured;

        All affected pets in the same home must be treated at the same time to reduce the chance of mutual infection;

        When cleaning the ear canal, be sure to use hemostatic forceps and cotton wool to make cotton buds. Never use made-up cotton swabs because the swab stick is too hard, which will damage the ear canal epithelial cells and may cause future bacterial infections which may turns into otitis later. Or it may poke the ear drum, injuring the inner ear. In addition, the cotton swab will also push the earwax into the ear canal, plug the ear canal and affect the treatment;

        The method of DIY cotton buds: prepare a small hemostatic forceps, and then choose the amount of cotton wool according to the size of the ear canal. Smooth out the cotton wool, use the end of the forceps to clamp a small portion of cotton wool, and then rotate the cotton into a strip. The shape of the roll is long, and in the moderate thickness. Use the hemostatic forceps to roll into cotton swabs to clear the ears. At the same time, the front end of the strip should be longer so that it can go deeper into the ear canal to clean the earwax. At the same time, the soft front end will not hurt the ear canal;

        The main point of ear cleaning: first pour ear washing water into the ear canal, then lift the ear with one hand to prevent the water from flowing out, and massage the ear canal with the other hand to allow the water and earwax to fully function. Then clean pet’s ears with a rolled cotton bud. Clean several times, and then drip the ear drops for treatment and massage the ears, just like the method of dropping ear-washing water;

        Hydrogen peroxide is a strong irritating oxidant, and is usually used for rotting or purulent wounds as a medical treatment, and also can be used for suppurative external auditory canal and otitis media. Cats' ear canals are relatively delicate. It is best not to use hydrogen peroxide when there is no inflammation in the ear canals.

      • 引起狗狗大便臭的原因有哪些?

        What Are Causes Of Dog's Smelly Stool?

        The normal dog poop is hard in strip shape and without heavy odor. If your dog’s stools suddenly becomes smelly or unshaped, you have to observe the recent condition of the dog to check if there are any symptoms of illness. As sickness is not the only reason that cause smelly stool, we need to find out the exact reason.

        The odor of the dog's feces is related with the gastrointestinal health. Many diseases such as ascariasis, trichomoniasis and gastritis, start to respond from the gastrointestinal tract. When a dog is in ill, its immune system will also play a role and have some responds, mostly diarrhea, fecal malodor and so on. Basically, diarrhea is a body defense reaction to expel toxic and harmful substances from the body as quickly as possible. Dogs’ diarrhea will cause a lot of water shortage. At this time, it is not appropriate to continue to feed normal dog food. Instead, a large amount of water should be given, or an appropriate amount of glucose can be added to the dog food. Diarrhea is divided into acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea. The former is more likely to be caused by enteritis caused by viral infection. The pet must be sent to a hospital immediately. Collect the feces and take to hospital for checking to find out the exact reason and treatment.

        Dogs will also encounter another problem, that is, constipation. When the intestines do not work properly, the dog will lack energy, have no appetite and shit smelly feces. At this time, it is necessary to give more water to the dog, and add some coarse grains to the dog food to improve its digestion.

        It can be seen that the physical condition and feeding method will cause the dog's stool to be smelly. If you find that the dog's odor is a fishy smell, you should pay more attention because it is likely to be caused by the canine parvovirus. If the dog's stool becomes smelly, more attention should be paid.

      • 常见的狗狗肠胃问题

        Common Stomach Problems Of Dogs

        狗狗消化食物的能力非常强,它的胃呈不规则梨型,胃液中盐酸的含量高达0.4% - 0.6%,盐酸能使蛋白质膨胀,便于分解消化。因此,狗狗对高蛋白食物的消化能力很强,这也是食肉动物的本性。
        Dog’s stomach is in irregular pear shape and very strong to digest food as the content of hydrochloric acids in gastric juice is as high as 0.4%-0.6% which can swell, decompose and digest the proteins. Therefore, dogs have a strong ability to digest high-protein foods, which is also the nature of carnivores.

        狗狗在进食后 5-7 小时就可能将胃中的食物全部排空,要比其他草食或是杂食动物快许多,而且狗狗的胃容量较大,而相对消化道比较短,食物在胃内开始消化,但多数的食物还是在肠道里进行的。狗狗的肠壁厚,吸收能力也是比较强的。
        Dogs may empty their stomachs in 5-7 hours after eating, which is much faster than other grass-fed or omnivorous animals. Even though the stomach capacity of dogs is large, the digestive tract is relatively short so that the food in the stomach start to digest, but most food is still in the intestines. Dogs have thick intestinal walls with strong absorption capacity.

        In the long-term cohabitation life with humans, dogs have gradually become adaptable to human life habits. However, some foods are still not suitable for dogs that the owners should be aware of.

        Shrimp, crab, cuttlefish, octopus, jellyfish and others that easily cause dogs’ indigestion after eating;

        No chicken bones. The chicken bones are relatively brittle and become small pieces after being crushed. Due to the particular sharp tips of the small pieces, dog’s stomach and intestines are scratched easily after swallowing;

        Cauliflower can cause diarrhea in dogs;

        Broad beans and soybeans contain alkaloids and easily lead to flatulence after eating;

        Almond, melon seeds, sesame and nuts are not easy to digest;

        Coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. contain toxicity to the nerve, heart and stomach;

        Almond, peach, wild berry, bitter gourd, plums, mushrooms, can cause diarrhea, vomiting, lower abdominal pain after excessive intake;

        High fats will increase the workload of the digestive system. Some special breeds, such as Schnauzer and Dachshund, can easily have pancreatitis due to high fat foods.

        狗狗肠胃不适的原因:Causes Of Gastrointestinal Discomfort In Dogs:

        Eat too much. Dogs are very resistant to hunger. Too much intakes will cause discomfort and vomiting. Observe the state of the vomit. If it is foamy and sticky, mostly it is esophageal problem. If necessary, you can get some samples to the hospital for testing;

        Rumination. Dogs can also have rumination. That's because dogs generally eat by swallowing and don't chew carefully so that they spit out the foods from stomach and then eat back immediately. You can feed eased as this kind of vomiting is physiological;

        Acute gastritis. If your dog's vomit is transparent and white, it means that the vomiting is gastric juice, which is the most common case of acute gastritis. If there are no other symptoms after dog’s vomits, you can bear no worries. Fast your dog for 12 hours. If there are other reactions, visit the hospital for a comprehensive test;

        Gastrointestinal ulcers. If your dog's vomit is yellow-green, it is bile and you should visit a doctor if this happens. There are many reasons which can not be judged from the surface. Except the liver, kidney and pancreas problems, it may also be gastrointestinal ulcer;

        Diet Problem. The gastrointestinal problems of dogs are definitely related with the diets. Too much intakes or greasy foods will tend to soften dog's stools. If dog eat bones, the stools will become harder. Fruits and vegetables will easily cause your dog's diarrhea. A diet based on formulated dog food is healthier for dogs. However, there are many kinds of dog foods. Some of them have poor nutritional ingredients, which may cause a lack of nutrition in some aspects if your dog eat for a long time. It is recommended to buy a better dog food for dogs.

        肠胃不适常见症状及应对 Common symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and treatments:

        Diarrhea and vomiting are common problems of dogs. Diarrhea is caused by the accelerated intestinal peristalsis, increased secretion of intestinal mucosa and absorption disorders. It is more common in intestinal diseases, characterized by the unshaped or liquid stools. It is also a symptom of many diseases. Diarrhea of dogs often causes dehydration and should be treated as soon as possible;

        Dogs are easy to vomit, especially for puppies. Puppies will vomit when they are overeating or eating something that is pungent. Vomit is also a phenomenon of self-protection. Sometimes they consciously go out looking for wild grass to swallow and spit out something in the stomach. For vomit and diarrhea, the general treatments include supplementation with saline and antibiotics. Be extra careful with dog’s diet. Choose more digestible food and feed smaller amounts several times a day.

        There are many factors that cause dogs’ gastrointestinal discomfort. For example, when go out for walks and games, they often accidentally ingest eggs exposed in the environment which will parasitize in dogs’ body. Dogs may accidentally eat moldy and rotten foods, or swallow foreign bodies. Moreover, long-term use of antibiotics, imbalance of intestinal floras, increase of harmful bacteria, intestinal infection or malnutrition can cause gastrointestinal discomfort;

        Smaller amounts several times a day is very important for dogs. Feeding too much once will suddenly increase the burden on the dog's stomach, easily causing indigestion and vomiting. If possible, feed adult dogs twice a day and three times a day during the first 5 months. If you can’t feed your dog on time, you must control the amount of each meal. Never give it all the food of the day. Being hungry is better for dog’s intestines and stomachs than overeating. Parents should pay attention to feeding hard food as little as possible, which is difficult to digest for dogs with poor stomach.

    • Behavioral Activities


      • 猫咪的常见行为有哪些?

        What Are The Common Behaviors Of Cat?

        Most animals have some special movements,which are the habits left over from the past. It is relatively normal. If the pet owner sees some strange behaviors, don’t be too surprised or try to stop, if there is no adverse effect.

        一、猫咪爱洗脸 Cats love to wash their faces

        1、清洁脸部的重要性 The importance of cleansing face

        Face washing of cat can not only clean the skin, but also restore the important tactile sensitivity of the beard. Therefore, cats will wash their faces seriously as beards are very important organs for them;

        2、能够保持灵敏 Ability to remain sensitive
        Cats use their paws to grab their faces, where are relatively sensitive areas of facial nerves. It will have some health care effects. This can be seemed that cats do massages for their faces, which is helpful for the sensitivity to facial nerves;

        4、猫咪天性爱干净 Cats are born to like cleanliness

        Cats are relatively clean animals, which is related to their long-term survival in the wild. In order to avoid prey tracking, they must keep clean at all times and do not allow any other smells on their bodies. Avoiding danger is the reason for washing the face. In addition, when the cat is washing its face, it will use his front feet to wash with saliva. When the saliva touches the coat, it can dissolve the vitamin D inside. If it is eaten into the mouth, the sun ultraviolet rays will stimulate the cat’s skin to produce vitamin D. Therefore, licking their coat can supplement Vitamin D;

        二、猫咪喜欢钻缝隙 Cats like to drill into cracks

        1、天性促使 Instinct

        With soft physique, the cats will hide in tree holes or stone caves to protect themselves from large-scale enemy attacks when they survive in the wild and such an agile body can also facilitate them to grab small prey or look for food. Although cats are now kept as pets, their habits of drilling gaps have not changed. Spaces with small gaps or empty boxes will spark their interest and they will like to stay there and sleep if the small space is comfortable.

        2、猫咪是安全主义者 Cats are holder of securityism

        Cats are securityists, especially before they are loved by people. They will protect themselves more to avoid the aggressive behaviors of other animals. That’s why we often see cats not lying in big beds, but hiding in the inconspicuous corners, or drilling into some boxes;

        三、爱咬纺织品 Love biting textiles

        Most cats will have this habit, and it may be a comfort for them to hold textiles in their mouths. In the past, cats usually took stuffed animals such as mice as food. These roll wool will spark cat’s instinct interest if they see;

        2、提前断奶的猫咪 Pre-weaning cat

        This behavior seems to be common for pre-weaning cats. Although it is not certain that there's a definite link between the two, it just so happens. When the textiles are eaten too much, it will cause serious digestive diseases ;

        3、要防止误食的情况 Prevent accidental ingestion

        We can usually allow the cats play with clews, but prevent cats from swallowing. If training is no longer effective, you must consider whether it is caused by allotriophagia. At this time, it is necessary to use drugs. When the owner finds that the cat has such a habit, the first thing is to correct it as soon as possible.

      • 猫咪表达爱意的五种方式

        Five Ways Cats Express Love

        After getting along with cats for a long time, you will understand the meaning of each expression and action of the cat. So, how does a cat express love to its owner?

        1、温柔地眯着眼睛盯着你并缓慢眨眼睛 Gently squint at you and blink slowly
        Cats are polite animals. They think it is not polite to stare at people. They will squint at people to show politeness. When the cat is squinting gently at you and blinking slowly, it means it likes you;

        2、用头蹭你并用尾巴勾你 Rub you with its head and hook you with its tail
        Rubbing you with the the head or cheeks or body, and hooking you with their tails, is the most common way for cats to express their affection. They want to leave its smell on you to declare its sovereignty over you by this way. If they don't love you, they will not announce to others: "He / she is mine!";

        3、模拟小猫吃奶的样子在你身上踩奶 Simulate the sucking appearance of kittens and press on you
        Paw press on breast is the exclusive memories of kittens to their mothers. By simulating the action during the puppy period, it is recognized that you are the closest person to it, and it can become the most innocent and most resistant in your arms;

        4、替你“舔毛” Lick your hairs

        "I will help you only we are in good relationship". There is such a cartoon in the comic "Cat Slave Book" of the Taiwanese cartoonist Sekaka, which tells a cat to "lick and lick" the owner. It is indeed that the cats will lick your hairs if they think you are the family. The master who is often licked should feel honor about that;

        5、舔你摸过的地方 Lick the places you touched

        Many people don't understand this behavior of their cats. Why the cat hurry and sort out the place they have just touched? In fact, they are "tasting" your scent carefully, remembering that this scent is not perceivable by people, but the sensitive cat can smell and remember it. They are blending the taste of you with themself.

        When the cat treats you in the above five ways, you should be happy to have a cat who loves you deeply.

      • 狗狗一天多少运动量合适?

        How Much Exercise Is Proper For Dog Daily?

        We usually think that exercise is only a health problem, but exercises have a great influence on the daily behavior of dogs. Dogs, especially puppies and young dogs, have a lot of energy. If these energy are not released, they will often cause destructive behaviors. If you are annoyed by your dog's nibbling on furniture and the yelling, your dog may not get enough exercises.

        There is no clear rules on how much exercises a dog needs every day. The dogs of different breeds, different ages, different physical conditions require different amounts of exercises. Retrievers such as Golden Retriever and Labrador, need high-intensity short-time sports such as running or reentry games many times a day which can keep them in a good mood. For small breeds such as Teddy and Bichon, a few laps of strolling in the community is enough. Even for the same breed, the demands are different. An energetic 8-year-old golden retriever may require more exercises than a gentle and quiet 3-year-old golden retriever. Older dogs also need to go for a walk, but the intensity must be reduced.

        Generally speaking, most dogs need exercises of 30 to 60 minutes every day.

        When you stopped, your dog also panted slowly. It means that it exercises almost. But this does not mean it is enough. Take a look at how much exercises your dog can do every day. If it is obviously insufficient, increase the amount slowly. Be sure to take it slowly. Sudden increase in exercises may cause muscle pain or injuries to dogs. When starting exercises, observe the status of the dog. If it is tired and hot, stop for a rest, feed a small amount of water to recover. Try to be slower next time until your dog can adapt well and then slowly increase. For a puppy, avoid repeating some running and jumping movements on the hard concrete or marble floor which will damage the puppy's bones and joints. For an older dog, you need a gentle exercise plan. In addition to walking, frequent swimming is good for dog's joints.

      • 泰迪总是吐舌头是不是生病了?

        Is Teddy sick when he sticks his tongue out?

        Generally speaking, it is normal for a dog to stick out its tongue. Due to the under-developed sweat glands of teddy dogs, they cannot be cooled by sweating like humans. That’s why teddy dogs in hot weather often stick out its tongue, pant hard and drool after exercise to help the body cool down. However, if the dog always sticks out his tongue, you should notice and consider these points:

        It's too hot. You need to take heatstroke prevention measures for teddy dog. Except the reduction of going out at noon, drinking plenty of water, and exercising properly, you can also trim dog’s hairs to reduce heat;

        Stick tongue out while sleeping. Sometimes the teddy dog will stick out its tongue when sleeping. It’s just because the dog sleeps soundly;

        Be in sick. If teddy dogs stick tongue out and pant often, they may also be sick as teddy dogs won't pant and stick out their tongues when the temperature and the water is adequate. Take your dog to a cool and comfortable place to rest, give him plenty of water, and observe its condition. If it continue to stick out the tongue, lose energy, and breathe hard, you should take it for inspection.

        Although sometimes the dog sticks its tongue out because of physical discomfort, most of the time it is healthy. The owner does not need to worry too much, as long as you pays attention on and care for your dog, and regularly takes it to check, which is beneficial to the dog and the owner.


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