• Best Relationship Is Being With Each Other


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    • Best Relationship Is Being With Each Other


    • 考究食材

      Exquisite Ingredients



      Sticking to the principle of “No Seasonal No Eating”, PetaBol have searched the fresh and precious ingredients of the time everywhere, respected the natural gifts of the season and integrated the unique fresh flavors from different places into the daily diet of pets, with the minimum loss of nutrients from ingredients and retaining the natural flavors of the ingredients themselves. Rare meats, deep-sea fishes, seasonal fruits and vegetables and other finest ingredients are blended rationally to exert the nutrition and aroma of each ingredient. Make every meal a kind of good expectations for pets.

    • 尊重天性

      Nature Instinct



      Any diet should be provided by respecting and understanding pet’s needs. Genetic and physiological studies have shown that animal proteins are better suited to the gut of cats and dogs, facilitating digestion and absorption. Therefore, the diet taking authentic meat and fish as the main source of proteins can meet dogs’ primordial craving for meat. Fully respecting the nature of pets and their needs, high-quality wild games from mountain and forest, a variety of nutritious deep-sea fishes and premium digestible poultry are selected and maximized the advantages of every kind of meat to the extreme to supplement the rich protein for the pet body.

    • 科学搭配

      Scientific Collocation



      On the basis of fully studying the ingestion habits and nutritional needs of dogs and cats, PetaBol R & D team have scientifically match all kinds of precious ingredients from different places. According to the different nutritional emphasis and flavor needs of different pets, PetaBol have independently developed a variety of flavors to solve the problem of mouth tolerance, aiming to provide a more healthy and delicious daily diet for more pets. In terms of the ingredients collocation, we have considered both the fusion of different flavors and the scientific ratio of different nutrients between ingredients, allowing pets to enjoy a delicious dance on the tip of the tongue.

    • 均衡营养

      Balance Nutrition



      Pet health is inseparable from key nutrition so that both the over-nutrition and under-nutrition affect the growth and development of dogs and cats. PetaBol team have subdivided the nutrients required for the growth of dogs and cats from the perspective of Animal Threpsology. Except the precious ingredients, PetaBol food also contain a variety of safe nutrients based on rigorous scientific research. The recipes mainly take in the natural nutrition of ingredients, supplemented by nutrients to comprehensively care for pets’ healthy growth.

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