Salmon & Tuna

三文鱼 & 吞拿鱼

  • 动物蛋白 Animal Protein


  • 果蔬及其他营养成分 Fruits, vegetables & other nutrients


  • 玉米小麦 Corn or Wheat


  • 1.5KG6KG
  • for cat


Loaded with deep-sea salmon, tuna and other fishes with high nutritional values; antioxidant capacity of astaxanthin in salmon is 1000 times that of vitamin E, which can enhance cat’s resistance; Omega 3 content in tuna is the highest, making skin soft and brightening hair color.



  • 鱼油(Omega3 & 6)养护靓丽毛色 Fish Oil(Omega3 & 6) protect shiny coat
  • 优质蛋白提升消化性 Premium protein increase pet’s digestion
  • 多口味转换无负担 More flavors without burden on food change
  • 真实鱼肉提供动物蛋白 Authentic fish provide animal protein
  • 益生元让肠胃活起来 Prebiotics activate cat’s stomach
  • 清新口气一整日 Freshen breath all day long
– 深海鱼营养 毛发柔顺亮 – – 深海鱼营养 毛发柔顺亮 –

Deep-sea fish nourish the smooth and shine coat

– 深海鱼营养 毛发柔顺亮 –

Main Ingredients





With rich unsaturated fatty acids, salmon contains various sugars and vitamins including phosphates, calcium and vitamins A and D, which are beneficial to the growth and development of cat body. The astaxanthin contained is a very powerful antioxidant that keeps the skin elastic and smooth. The rich protein content with high nutritional values can improve immunity. Above all, salmon is prized as the "Treasure In Water".





Tuna, also called Maguro, contain high protein content around 20%, but the low fat content. Most of the fatty acids in tuna are unsaturated fatty acids, which contain a full range of amino acids, and also various minerals and trace elements such as micro-biotin, rich iron, potassium, calcium, iodine and so on. DHA in tuna is called “Brain Gold”, which is an essential nutrient for the development of the brain and central nervous system. EPA, also known as OMEGA3, is a unique nutrient of tuna, which can soften the skin and brighten the hair color.



Ingredients: Salmon Powder 15%, Whole Dehydrated Salmon 10%, Whole Dehydrated Tuna 10%, Brown Rice, Chicken Fat, Pea, Potato, Freeze-Dried Egg Yolk, Freeze-Dried Chicken Liver, Freeze-Dried Chicken, Pet Compound Condiment, Flax Meal, Fish Oil 1.2%, Green Tea 0.2%, Chicory Root Powder 0.1%, Spirulina Powder 0.1%, Purple Potato Granules, Sweet Potato Granules, Pumpkin, Carrot Granules, Dried Spinach, Mushroom, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Parsley, Cabbage, Blueberry Slices, Banana Slices, Apple Granules, Pear Slices, Grapefruit Slices, Hawthorn Slices, Dried Sea-buckthorn, Portulaca, Cassia Seed, White Peony, Yucca Powder.



Additive Composition: Fructooligosaccharide 0.1% , Mannan Oligosaccharide, Lecithin , Taurine, L-Lysine, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Zinc Glycinate, Copper Glycinate Chelate, Iron Glycinate Chelate, Manganese Methionine Chelate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin A Acetic Ester, Vitamin D3, Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Niacin, DL-Calcium Pantothenate, Folic Acid.

Feeding Amount and Method



  • 参考建议每日饲喂表,根据具体情况调整合适喂食量。
  • 3-8周龄离乳幼猫建议将一日的喂食量分4-6次给予,尽可能少食多餐。快速生长期的幼猫每日饲喂3次,6月龄后可减少到2次。怀孕哺乳期母猫建议自由采食。
  • 本产品能为正常情况下的猫咪提供所需营养,不需添加额外补助品。
  • 请全天给您的猫咪供应清洁饮水。
  • 本产品不得饲喂反刍动物。

Feeding Method

  • Refer to the recommended daily feeding amount, and adjust according to the specific circumstances.
  • For 3-8 weeks weaning kitten, split the daily amount 4-6 times; for kitten in growing period, feed 3 times daily until the kitten is 6-month old. Then feed 2 times daily; for pregnant or lactating cats, let them intake freely.
  • No extra supplement is needed as PetaBol food can provide all required nutrients for any cats under normal condition.
  • Please feed enough clean water for your cat the whole day.
  • The product is not suitable for the ruminant.

Guaranteed Analysis


粗蛋白质(Crude Protein)≥28.0%

水 分(Moisture)≤10.0%

粗脂肪(Crude Fat)≥14.0%

粗灰分(Crude Ash)≤10%

粗纤维(Crude Fiber)≤5.0%




水溶性氯化物 (以Cl-计) ≥0.3%




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